Sozo Coffee Shop Serves Health Benefits

Sozo has fashioned its propriety Coffeeberry drink that starts through a coffee then they have enhanced their proprietary mix of vegetables, fruit with other botanic extracts. This blend they trust to be a faultless synergy and grouping of the coffee with all the other anti-oxidants.

Sozo coffee business opportunity

Sozo Coffee

Some of health aids that are stated for this item of sozo coffee shop are:

Counteracting free radicals

Supports cardiac system

Supports glucose digestion

Helps endorse an overall well energy



Following are the mixture of items that have augmented to the beverage at sozo coffee shop:

  • FruiteX-B – studies have shown to be a profit to joint flexibility and comfort when taken with Vitamin D3 and vitamin C
  • VitaVeggie – which is essentially a combination of veggies?
  • VitaGranate – a pomegranate dust from sozo coffee shop
  • Sensoril – a botanic adaptogen
  • VitaBerry – This is an exclusive blend of extracts and fruit powders.
  • It also comprises: camu camu, cupcuacu and acai

There are lots of new items hitting the bazaar with a coffee fruit at sozo coffee shop. Sozo’s forte is the that once one put the coffee fruit jointly with their mixture of other unique ingredients one have an supreme product filled of anti-oxidants and healthy nutrients that greatly benefit numerous different scheme of the body.


Since 1997, they assisted many of the families and children who performed on the roads for their living. As there is no opportunity when one work on the roads, they were worried for them and were watching for a practical method to provide them a more steady life; there had to be extra they could do.

About Sozo Coffee Shop

Sozo Coffee Shop

In April 05, they opened a first store. In September 05, an article seemed in a countrywide student journal telling the revelation of Sozo. The reply to it was vast and many scholars desired to suggest in Sozo, distributing their wish to aid the weak in their private country. They started “English Corner” with 150+ students would arrive to practice English. They are inspiring them to get concerned in various schemes helping the needy and poor.  Currently they facilitate over 10 communal projects that were student based. Many persons excited about performing something to provide back to their nation and their people! April 06 they opened another shop precisely for students and in March 08 they opened 2 further cafe floors at Sozo merging the 2 shops into a particular large one and most popular sozo coffee shop. They currently possess 25 – 30 teams in their training program that provides simple skills of life, so that they would have a future and a hope. They are sending the youngsters to school & sending few elder’s for further education. They were learning handle money, how to bake and run a commerce. Their goal is to alter lives, restore faith and be accessible for any those are in need, to create a change in the dwells of ALL who approach into Sozo and lastly to do everything with superiority and for the wonder of God!

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